About us

Elektroinstalateri is a company founded in 2003 and originated from the Company Međimurje doo Electricians former member GK Međimurje. The Company is carrying out simple and complex electrical Adowa in construction, development and solution design tasks, manufacture and distribution equipment design installations for renewable energy. Company headquarters is in Cakovec in the business areas of 700m2.


The greatest value of the company are educated, professional and quality staff who have for years built and maintained the goodwill of society, then a permanent and extensive experience provided by the valuable and enviable reference list of performed works. Objective nm is:

  • Retain current business partners, impose the new partners (clients, customers, suppliers), actually stay together the best performers electrical works
  • Improve, enhance technical and technological level of equipment for well-performing
  • Education and care for employees
  • Preserving the Environment


The basic policy of the company's capital increase and the basic values ​​of society, and be publicly recognized company, and that means:

  • Success in business
  • Satisfied partners
  • Satisfied employees
  • The introduction of innovations, continuous improvement of products and services
  • Socially, publicly useful and responsible business by completing the legal and contractual obligations

With the business policy of the company to meet all the staff and our business partners.

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